Ireland in Psychoanalysis—Contents

Author: Joseph Valente (University of Buffalo), Macy Todd (University of Buffalo), and Seán Kennedy (Saint Mary's University)

This issue of Breac, "Ireland in Psychoanalysis," was guest edited by Joseph Valente (University of Buffalo), Macy Todd (University of Buffalo), and Seán Kennedy (Saint Mary's University). Its contents include:


1. Joseph Valente — "Psychoanalysis in Ireland—Ireland in Psychoanalysis"

2. Macy Todd — A Lumper in the Throat: Famine and Object a


3. "Psychoanalysis in Ireland": An Interview with Noreen Giffney


4. Seán Kennedy — Fifty Shades of Green? Ireland and the Erotics of Austerity

5. Ed Madden — Cuckoos, Or a Natural History of the Gay Child


6. "Psychoanalysis in Ireland": An Interview with Barry O’ Donnell


7. Beryl Schlossman — Mirrors/Lacan with Joyce/Theory, Psychoanalysis and Literature

8. Andre Furlani — Samuel Beckett: From the Talking Cure to the Walking Cure


9. "Psychoanalysis in Irish Studies": An Interview with Margot Backus


10. Jen Braun — W.B. Yeats's Extimacy

11. Guinn Batten — Paul Muldoon’s Things


12. "Polymorphously Perverse": An Interview with Fintan Walsh


13. Adrian Goodwin — The Irish Ga(y)ze, or Whither my O/other

14. Ariel Watson — The Oedipal and the Everyday in Irish Theater


15. "Psychoanalysis in Irish Studies": An Interview with Claire Bracken