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Cuculain Redivivus

Author: Michael McAteer (Pázmány Péter University, Budapest)


Cuculain A Critical Edition

Standish O’Grady’s Cuculain: A Critical Edition. Edited by Gregory Castle and Patrick Bixby. Syracuse NY: Syracuse University Press, 2016, 298 pp.

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This Spectered Isle

Author: Paul K. Saint-Amour (University of Pennsylvania)


Joyce S Ghosts

Luke Gibbons. Joyce’s Ghosts: Ireland, Modernism, and Memory. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015, xx + 286 pp.

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Changed Utterly: Reading about the 2015 Marriage Referendum

Author: Ed Madden (University of South Carolina)


In The Name Of Love The Movement For Marriage Equality In Ireland An Oral History

Ireland Says Yes

A Day In May Real Lives True Stories

Movement for Marriage Equality in Ireland, An Oral History. Dublin: The History Press Ireland, 2014, 286 pp.

Gráinne Healy, Brian Sheehan, and Noel Whelan. Ireland Says Yes: The Inside Story of How the Vote for Marriage Equality Was Won. Sallins, Co. Kildare: Merrion Press, 2016, 194 pp.

Charlie Bird. A Day in May: Real Lives, True Stories. Edited by Kevin Rafter. Sallins, Co. Kildare: Merrion Press, 2016, 253 pp.

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