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A Stranger Here, Myself

Author: Moy McCrory (University of Derby)


Something About Home New Writing On Migration And Belonging

Something about Home: New Writing on Migration and Belonging. Edited by Liam Harte. Geography Publications, Dublin, 2017, 132 pp.

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The Persistence of the Dead

Author: Anthony Roche (University College Dublin)


Declan Kiberd After Ireland

Declan Kiberd. After Ireland: Writing the Nation from Beckett to the Present. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2018, xiii + 540 pp.

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Cranks Make Revolutions

Author: RoisĂ­n Higgins (Teesside University)


1916 Portraits And Lives

1916 Portraits and Lives. Edited by Lawrence William White and James Quinn. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2015, 367 pp.

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